We take on the business of event planning
              so you can get back to doing business.

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At Event Strategies, we are your partners in planning, designing and managing successful meetings and conferences. Either in-person, virtual or hybrid format, our strategic approach to meeting procurement, design and management ensures you have a peace of mind throughout planning and execution process. 

If you have any of these: overall marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy, PR strategy, social media strategy - why not invest in meeting and event strategy for your business? 

How we work is we collaborate with your teams, while having our own database of strategic partners and vendors to create everlasting impact on your meeting's attendees. And while we are busy leveraging our partnerships, having strategic conversations with our vendors, your teams keeps focus on what is most important to you and your business.  

If there is one thing our clients understand, it is our analytic, yet creative, approach to each event. What that means to you is through our strategic meeting procurement, design and management, we create an experience align with your organization's goals and objectives set for particular events throughout the year. 


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Donna W.
Director of Meetings

I had the pleasure of working with Magdalena, when I was the Director of Events for Parker University. From the very first day that we met I felt like I had know her my entire life. She is so personable and attentive. She listens really well, to what you say and what you don't say. She is proactive, professional but most of all she wants to knows what your needs are and she wants to provide the very best custom solutions for the client. I think anyone would be fortunate to have her in their organization. I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again.

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Hayley D.
Sr. Marketing and Communication Manager

From our first planning call, I gleaned right away that Magdalena was very knowledgeable in her field and an expert in event strategies for hybrid and virtual events. It was truly a pleasure working with Magdalena, as she takes great care in crafting a strategic and relevant message for the audience, and is very receptive to collaborating throughout the process. She is a wealth of information that reflects her passion and dedication to the events industry, as she continuously researches the latest industry trends and gathers critical data and information from trusted sources. Our audience of corporate marketing, communications and event management professionals rated Magdalena's presentation very highly in a post-event survey. I would highly recommend working with Magdalena for event expertise, strategy and planning support!

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Daniel L.
President & Founder

Magdalena has been a great partner for our organization. She has been a pleasure to work with as we have planned a number of events with her including two of our National Conventions at her Caesars properties. She has a great ability in matching our needs with her product. She is bright, energetic and attentive.