At Event Strategies, we work with many organizations and help them regain operational focus and continuity, along with cost saving strategic sourcing activities. 
How do we do what we do? 
By outsourcing procurement part of planning process to us, your organization regains focus on meeting and event operations.
Meeting planners and marketers are overworked and have already many complex tasks on their hands - building flawless conferences, designing positive attendee experience, management of registrations and attendees, speakers, rehearsals... etc.etc, not including traveling and planning meetings with venues already booked.
Outsourced conference and meeting procurement, allows efficient meeting operations and continuity, which in long term translates into cost savings for whole organization, and boosted team morale.  

Smart decisions lead to smart outcomes! Our conference procurement services give you an advantage of:

  1. making sure that your organization has central place for all supplier contracts in case of internal turnovers. No more running around the office, looking for a file or unsuccessfully searching the hard drive. 

  2. having an ongoing cost analysis and comparison for your organization's benefits. Do you know how much your organization spends annually Hilton? Accor? Marriott? Hyatt? Do you know if you qualify for a Master Agreement that others do not want you know about? 

  3. supplier consolidation based on 80/20 rule

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Our global sourcing agents' specialty is procurement for corporate and association conferences, meetings and incentives with focus on SMM (Strategic Meeting Management). Benefits of this approach include, but are not limited to: business/events continuity, operational efficiency, streamlined contract management, risk mitigation and overall cost-savings. It is never too late to start implementing procurement processes and procedures with Event Strategies as your partner. 

We want you to understand, that our focus is on long-term benefits for your organization. We design strategic procurement activities that fit your organization conference's goals and objectives. What all of our clients take advantage of by working with us, is volume-bundling - we currently manage meetings annually from year 2022 to 2026, each at $900,000-$1.2mil in value. 

NOW  is the time to continue to mitigate risk, capture spend, and control costs.

"You are the average of the five people we spend the most time with" - Jim Rohn said this famous quote, which has been repeated many times. In procurement language, this means that you are as good as your vendors and suppliers.

Event Strategies helps your organization surround itself with the best on the market!