Magdalena Bonnelly, MS
CEO & Founder

Born and raised in Poland, Magdalena started her career in hospitality industry after graduating in 2001 with an Associate Degree from The Academy of Culinary Arts and Hotel Management in Poznan, Poland. During her college years, she worked in local travel agency, where she served her clients as a travel operator, tour manager and tour guide, designing corporate and leisurely tours and travel to many European countries and North Africa.
After moving to United States in 2001, Magdalena became US citizen and pursued her education in a field that she was mostly passionate about - hospitality. She graduated in 2005 with associate degree of Applied Science in Travel, Exposition and Meeting Management. She furthered her education, while working full time, earning bachelor’s degree in International Business and Economics in 2006 and Master of Science in 2008 in Business Management. 
Magdalena has been actively pursuing her career in hospitality and event management since 2005. During her last 5 years in corporate sector she was responsible for meetings and events of over $1,7 million in value quarterly. In 2018, Magdalena decided that it was time to use her expertise to be of service to corporate, government and association clients and she founded Event Strategies
Magdalena is fully devoted to helping her clients find solution in her 7 step procurement plan, designed specifically for meetings and conferences. As a procurement strategist, she helps overwhelmed event organizers and marketers eliminate frustrations and execute technology that will create positive attendee experience and multiply ROI using her proven, time-saving procurement plan
Magdalena's skill set includes:
- procurement strategies and management
- project planning and management
- contract management and negotiation - US as well as hotels in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia
- design thinking
- research and data analysis
- financial analysis
- implementing D&I initiatives in vendor management
- diversifying supply chain