How high performing meetings and conferences are planned?

No matter the format of the conference, my motto is: quality of suppliers can make or break any meeting or conference. I have heard stories about suppliers overpromising and under delivering, which makes planning part very frustrating and time consuming.

So how do you spare yourself frustration and stress while looking for a right event supplier? Do you go by reviews on their social media page? Do you look at testimonials on the website? Word of mouth? Finding supplier is not a rocket science or brain surgery type of a task. However, it needs to be an intentional process, with specific milestones along the way and definite timeline.

There is exclusive 7 step procurement plan that I use, to set up clients on the best possible track to maximum ROI on their conference investment, by finding reliable, trustworthy and proven suppliers.

Another important factor for me, when I am searching for suppliers, is how do they implement DEI in their company, which can affect my client’s meeting. No one wants to be accused of having a supply chain that is not diverse and inclusive.

Recently, I attended an industry event, where 99% of suppliers presenting their product did not have any representation of LGBTQ+ community in their promo videos. None of the promos were accessible either. But… the worst thing was - nobody in the meeting even noticed that!

So back to my question - how do you find and choose a right supplier? What are the best practices?

  1. Try to match suppliers with your company’s mission, as close as possible and you dig deep - you ask questions that are not only focused on price and square footage of the meeting space or visual features of the virtual platform. This is called holistic approach to RFP creation.

  2. If you don’t have a database of reliable suppliers, matching your company’s values, you start creating one.

  3. You leave it to other pros in that field - you outsource your event procurement, where the first two points can be achieved in shorter amount of time.

To Your Success!

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