Staying in the game of successful virtual and hybrid meetings!

Updated: May 10, 2021

I read a book recently that has nothing to do with events but the clarity came with first few verses. Well, I listened to a book.. because I just love his voice and could listen to him for hours.

“Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey.

Without giving away the book details, what came to me after listening to it, is that many things in life come to us as an indirect result of some action we either took or did not.

In this book he starts by saying that “Greenlights” is not there to preach and tell you what to do.. “it is an approach book”.. “it is a playbook” ..

BOOM! In first two minutes he said exactly how I want Event Strategies to help my clients. I gained so much clarity by 2nd minute of the audiobook that I actually considered stopping there and calling it a day! But the voice, his sense of humor, storytelling abilities and a bit of insight into his life.. I just kept listening.

When I talk to potential clients, I tell them about my holistic and strategic approach to their problems. What that means is that while we set perimeters and big picture structures, we also dive deeper with specific strategies. That kind of approach, according to what McConaughey talks about in his book, “can be objectively understood, and if you choose, subjectively adopted”. I show the clients how important procurement strategies are and indirect result of those are more successful meetings and events!

With Covid pandemic, your company’s event landscape has changed.

But... Have you changed how you buy what is needed for your organization’s meetings?

Is your strategy still relying on outdated sourcing model?

Staying in the game with successful hybrid and virtual meetings requires few fundamental changes:

  1. The mindset “because we have always done it this way” needs to be changed - this approach no longer serves you, your company and your attendees.

  2. Adding special row in your RFP addressing safety protocols or getting meeting space square footage to accommodate social distancing will not suffice.

  3. Solution is in holistic approach vs. in silos. It’s about meetings and events procurement strategy that organically supports your company’s mission, values and brand.

You need clear direction on the next 12 months of change to not only stay in the game, but stay competitive!

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