What is the hardest part of being good at something?

That is not a question I often ask myself. I usually focus on things I am not good at or haven’t thought myself. As my human brain is conditioned to look for danger, to keep me alive, it is only natural that I look at the so called “negative” or look for things to improve in myself, in my work, as a mother or as a wife.

For me, the hardest part of being good at something is letting it be exactly as it is and enjoying it. Are you in that camp as well?

I am good at organizing and planning - I like to have a schedule, a routine, have tasks finished on time and move through them seamlessly.

And when that happens, my other skills come to life and are accentuated. I feel like things are flowing, everything falls in place and I am aligned with my life.

But then, I will start feeling that things are just “too easy”. Can life, work, household chores be this enjoyable? This seamless?


It is as simple as that - when life gives you lemons?? …. Make some lemonade, drink it every day and enjoy it. Heck, make some popsicles or ice cubes so you can have it whenever you want!

One of my favorite authors - Brenè Brown - talks about this feeling called “foreboding joy”. She talks about it in many interviews and here is one of them: “How many of you have ever sat up and thought, ‘Wow, work’s going good, good relationship with my partner, parents seem to be doing okay. Holy crap. Something bad’s going to happen’? You know what that is? [It’s] when we lose our tolerance for vulnerability. Joy becomes foreboding: ‘I’m scared it’s going to be taken away. The other shoe’s going to drop…’ What we do in moments of joyfulness is, we try to beat vulnerability to the punch.”

So, let’s not do that, ok? Let’s enjoy the heck outta things. Especially the things we are good at!

Cheering You On!


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